Commentary: Report Blasts Administrative Bloat, Waste in Universities

This week, scholars from the University of Arkansas’s Department of Education Reform released a report on the state of administrative waste in America’s public universities. Published in collaboration with the Goldwater Institute, the report blasts the current state of hiring trends in American universities. It demonstrates that school administrative positions are being added at an untenable rate, significantly surpassing the respective rate of increase for students and genuine academics.

Gulf State Residents Bring Message to Capitol

Victims, activists, and trade representatives join forces to oppose shut-down of Gulf oil industry

Washington, DC—Promoting the tagline, “My Job Matters,” more than 50 Gulf state residents travelled to the Capitol to protest the moratorium and regulatory impediments to drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Protesters gave speeches in front of the U.S. Capitol Building, and Texas Senator John Cornyn and former Pennsylvania Representative John Peterson voiced their support. Additionally, individuals lobbied congressional members and staff, shared their frustrations with media outlets, and met with low-tax advocates Americans for Tax Reform.

Commentary: New Jersey’s Christie Provides Template for Reducing State Expenditures

Given our state’s looming budget deficit budget deficit and recent blows to the oil and shipping industries, Louisiana should take into consideration New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s proposed agenda to rein in superfluous state spending. Gov. Christie has been anathema to unions throughout the state of New Jersey due to his refusal to genuflect to them or give in to their unreasonable demands, and as such he has become regarded as a maverick. Throughout the country, states are suffering due to ever-expanding public sector costs. In Louisiana especially, the unfettered growth of the public sector has been largely responsible for creating conditions that now require much-maligned budget slashing.

Commentary: Don’t Blame Jindal for Budget Crisis

Lately, “draconian” appears to be the mot juste for Governor Jindal’s widely-contested budget cuts. In his weekly Gambit column, for example, Clancy Dubos writes, “Consider, for example, the governor’s draconian cuts to higher education…,” and then lists a litany of budget cuts to academic and cultural programs. Dubos goes on to impugn Jindal as “one of the biggest destroyers of all,” alongside BP.

Commentary: Will America Heed the Warnings from Europe?

Throughout Europe, the younger populace is making the painful realization that they are shouldering the burden of the older generation’s state-subsidized lifestyle. Rightfully so, their anger is burgeoning at the austere measures brought about in response to their elders’ unsustainable spending. This indignation has been documented in the New York Times by Steven Erlanger. “They…