Social Security Shortfall Arrives

2010 brings earlier than expected cash flow deficit

Veronique de Rugy, a senior research fellow with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, released an update on the fiscal status of Social Security last week. Her finding suggests the costs of the United States’ more than $200 trillion federal debt, accounting for unfunded liabilities such as Social Security, have arrived.

Investors Flock to New Orleans for “World’s Greatest Investment Event”

Financial and political analysts highlight growing national debt and instability of dollar NEW ORLEANS, La. — From Wednesday through Saturday, 700 investment enthusiasts and 300 speakers and exhibitors attended the 36th New Orleans Investment Conference. The Hilton Riverside event included a wide range of wealth management and natural resource prospecting firms – fitting with its…

Utah: A Case Study for Pension Reform

Defined contributions a potential solution to states’ unsustainable liabilities

By Annie Dwyer

As candidates across the country ramp up pre-election promises to deplete mountains of debt, something is still missing: real solutions. Pension and healthcare benefits threaten to overtake state and local budgets, and yet few government officials, incumbents and those seeking office, seem to be able to answer the tough questions about their plan to tackle these issues.

Commentary: Treasurer Kennedy Proposes Measures to Alleviate Louisiana’s Budget Crisis

In the midst of Louisiana’s education budget crisis, it is understandable that frustrated citizens have taken to looking for scapegoats. Accordingly, it’s not surprising to see many bumper stickers decrying Governor Jindal’s perceived role as the chief culprit for the cuts which threaten the quality of our higher education system. While placing the burden of blame on our governor may be convenient, it is inaccurate. Our lack of funding is not the result of draconian decisions from the governor’s mansion, but from a culture of wasteful spending and a bloated governing apparatus.

State Treasurer John Kennedy recently laid out 16 measures that would save nearly $3 billion in state funds, which can then be allocated to health care and education. Treasurer Kennedy’s listed measures are grounded in common-sense and practicality. His first suggestion is axiomatic: “Do not raise taxes or fees. We do not need to. It won’t work anyway. Ask California.”

New Study: Stimulus Spending No Cure for Louisiana’s Unemployment

U.S. unemployment marches on as Mercatus Center finds no relationship between stimulus spending and employment

While the latest claim from the White House is that the Recovery Act has generated or saved 3.6 million jobs, recent research fails to find a connection between stimulus projects and unemployment. In the case of Louisiana, the unemployment rate is at its highest level since the recession began and continues to climb, notwithstanding the state’s $3 billion worth of Recovery Act projects.

Jindal Receives “A” Grade for Fiscal Policy

Cato Institute ranks Governor second in nation

Today the Cato Institute released its 2010 Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors, and awarded Governor Bobby Jindal one of only four A grades. Each governor received a score for his past two year’s fiscal performance, from a limited government perspective, and Jindal’s 71 out of 100 had him second only to Mark Sanford (R) of South Carolina.