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What Does Criminal Justice Reform Mean For Louisiana?

Louisiana passed and enacted a Justice Reinvestment Package, what was modeled on successful reforms in other states that have demonstrably improved public safety, reduced crime and recidivism, and also saved taxpayer money at the same time. Recently, these reforms have been in the news across the state, so we wanted to provide some clarification regarding what the…

Smart On Crime Louisiana

Louisiana Smart On Crime’s Justice Reinvestment Factsheet

This year we have a critical opportunity to advance criminal justice reform in Louisiana. In that effort, Smart on Crime Louisiana has combined efforts with Right on Crime Louisiana to advance a conservative, business-led approach to be both tough and smart on crime.

Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the nation, costing taxpayers nearly $700 million per year with poor outcomes. Now is the time to act to reform our state’s criminal justice system and invest in evidence-backed alternatives to incarceration for low risk offenders. Reinvestment reform packages have already passed in other states including Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, and Mississippi where they have effectively reduced imprisonment, saved billions, and increased public safety.

Louisiana Locks Up More Nonviolent Offenders Than Neighboring States Without Achieving Lower Crime Rates

State incarcerates violent offenders at a rate similar to other states in the South, while incarcerating nonviolent offenders at a much higher rate Louisiana’s legislative leaders and Governor John Bel Edwards are taking a top-to-bottom look at our criminal justice system, aiming for a better public safety return on taxpayer dollars. They have appointed the…