State of the Union for Energy

Industry leader advocates expanded production and unveils latest research
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Yesterday the American Petroleum Institute hosted its “The State of American Energy” speech, given by their president and CEO, Jack Gerard. On the eve of the 112th congress, more than 200 hundred guests heard Gerard’s call for increased access to known reserves and an awareness of the disincentives associated with tax burdens.

Commentary: U.S. Policy Makers Should Begin Transition to Natural Gas Economy in Next Congress, Rep. Cassidy Says

Domestic Energy Development Could Help Restore Manufacturing Base and Boost Dollar

America’s substantial supplies of natural gas should be further emphasized and considered as a stable, clean and affordable energy source in the next Congress, Rep. William Cassidy (R-La.) told The Pelican Institute in an exclusive interview.

Uncertainty Permeates Hearing on Gulf Oil and Gas Leases

Environmental impact statement set to delay all auctions until 2012 NEW ORLEANS, La. – The Interior Department’s “public scoping” meeting, on the environmental impact of oil and gas leases, provided little hope for potential lessees. Tuesday’s opportunity for public submissions also failed to attract a crowd – approximately twenty individuals attended – but those that…

De Facto Moratorium Continues

Only one deep drill permitted since official lifting
NEW ORLEANS, La. – Despite one month with no official moratorium, permitting for both shallow and deep water drilling continues to lag. Greater New Orleans Inc. released its Gulf Permit Index on Wednesday and highlighted that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement has approved only one deep water well in the past month. That compares to a monthly average of six for the previous year, an 83 percent decline.*