Commentary: ACORN Whistleblower Launches Tea Party as Tribute to MLK’s Vision

As Louisiana residents observe the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, they should know that a new Tea Party organization committed to the interests of black Americans is taking shape in Houston Texas. The new organization seeks to advance King’s commitment to equality, liberty and upward mobility by offering an alternative vision to “Great Society” programs of the 1960s.

States May Check Federal Government with Constitutional Amendments

Louisiana’s Noble Ellington endorses Amendment seeking to “restore balance of state and federal power”

NEW ORLEANS, La. – Heightened concern with a lack of federal accountability may lead to the first state-initiated constitutional convention since the original ratification. In their efforts to shift the balance of power, a variety of organizations are working to bypass federal approval and amend the constitution directly.

For Freedom in Education: Vouchers or Tax Credits?

New study says vouchers invite regulation; tax credits may not
“If Louisiana wants to give families the best possible educational options… the way to do that seems to be through a combination of education tax credits” – programs that cut taxes on individuals and enable scholarships for low income families. That’s the message from Andrew Coulson, author of a new working paper from the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom.

No Time for an Education Superman

New film calls for reforms that challenge the education bureaucracy
“I thought there was no one with enough power to save us… I was waiting for Superman,” laments Geoffrey Canada. Now an education leader and prominent character in the new Davis Guggenheim film, Canada’s dire schooling experience sets the scene for a look at “the short end of the stick” that young Americans have been getting from government schools. (Article continues below.)


Emotions Run High Over Post-Katrina School Districting

Boisterous crowd debates future governance of New Orleans schools

NEW ORLEANS – On Thursday night more than 600 people gathered at McDonogh #35 High School to debate whether and how the Recovery School District’s 68 schools ought to return to Orleans Parish School Board control. Over 80 people testified on State Superintendent Paul Pastorek’s transfer plan in an environment that was divisive and racially charged.

Grambling Under FIRE from Free Speech Advocates

University’s broad prohibitions on email may be unconstitutional

NEW ORLEANS – Grambling State University is in a dispute over its prohibition of “disruptive or offensive” emails, which includes bans on all “joke emails” and offensive comments regarding “hair color.” These intrusions, along with prohibitions on political and religious discourse, have caught the ire of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana, which have called for an immediate renunciation of the policy and denounced it as illegal.