Louisiana’s Business Climate Rated Highly in Recent Studies

It is widely expected that tax reform will be the Jindal administration’s primary goal in the 2013 Louisiana legislative session. In a recent Advocate report, Tim Barfield from the Department of Revenue addressed the need for reform, pointing out that it is the “sticker price” and not the actual tax burden that is hampering “Louisiana’s efforts to attract businesses.”

Six Reasons to Reject National Popular Vote

On Monday, Louisiana’s House of Representatives is expected to vote on HB 1095. This bill would make Louisiana party to the National Popular Vote (NPV) “compact” whereby state electors would pledge to cast their votes to the presidential candidate receiving the most votes nationwide, regardless of the results in Louisiana. Here are six reasons why legislators should reject this attempt to jettison our electoral system.

Guest Commentary: Obama Mangles Lincoln on the Role of Government

In his 2012 State of the Union address President Obama defends his personal convictions regarding the role of the government by twisting Lincoln’s own words on this matter. Lincoln did not say, “government should do for the people only what they cannot do better for themselves.” Rather, he said “in all that the people can individually do as well for themselves, the government ought not to interfere.”