Honduras “Open for Business”

Trade Summit signals Louisiana-Honduras relationship set to bloom
NEW ORLEANS—Nine days after President Lobo Sosa’s September 7th visit, Louisiana’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted an Honduran delegation to promote an array of trade opportunities between the two regions. Mayra Pineda, president of the Chamber and sister of the Honduran president, introduced approximately 50 guests to an influential and passionate line-up of speakers.

Government Boost to Small Business Could do More Harm than Good

Mercatus scholar warns that discrimination over business size lacks economic justification

By Daniel M. Rothschild

With the Senate set to create a $30 billion fund for small business lending and House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) praising small businesses as “the engine of job creation,” elected officials and their challengers of both parties are scrambling to praise–and give special privileges to–small businesses.