Pledge to Repeal ObamaCare Gains Momentum in Battleground States

Three members of Louisiana’s Congressional delegation have signed on
Two advocacy groups, American Majority Action and Independent Women’s Voice, have ramped up efforts to “make ObamaCare an issue in this election campaign.” With headquarters in four battle ground states, the organizations have 115 federal candidate or incumbent signatories to their Repeal Obamacare Pledge, including two Democrats and 74 challengers.

Commentary: Treasurer Kennedy Proposes Measures to Alleviate Louisiana’s Budget Crisis

In the midst of Louisiana’s education budget crisis, it is understandable that frustrated citizens have taken to looking for scapegoats. Accordingly, it’s not surprising to see many bumper stickers decrying Governor Jindal’s perceived role as the chief culprit for the cuts which threaten the quality of our higher education system. While placing the burden of blame on our governor may be convenient, it is inaccurate. Our lack of funding is not the result of draconian decisions from the governor’s mansion, but from a culture of wasteful spending and a bloated governing apparatus.

State Treasurer John Kennedy recently laid out 16 measures that would save nearly $3 billion in state funds, which can then be allocated to health care and education. Treasurer Kennedy’s listed measures are grounded in common-sense and practicality. His first suggestion is axiomatic: “Do not raise taxes or fees. We do not need to. It won’t work anyway. Ask California.”